Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Bristol - Bath - Bradford upon Avon - Frome

Hello there!
As Pauline was so nice to let me sleep in her house for two nights, I took a whole day for Bristol. So I rolled downwards into the centre of the town, turned to the right, and found myself on the lovely St. Nicholas Markets, where I sat down with a chocolatine and a cup of coffee. Strolling through the market I decided to come back in the afternoon for a maroccan dinner (it was excellent, by the way!).

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Some thoughts about England...

When cycling along these beautiful lanes in this country I've got a lot of time to think about what I'm seeing on my way.


When cycling through all these sweet villages on my way, I'm getting the impression as if there is a competition going on. A competition about who has the tallest chimney on his roof :)

And onwards again :)

Today I'm sitting in the youth hostel in Bristol, at last I found computers which accepts all my programs without any restrictions.
So I'm happy to say hello to all of you joining me on my trip :)
What happend?
Since having been in Nottingham the weather is turning better, I'm happy to have experienced the coldest summer in England and the hottest day of year 2012 with +30 degrees!
I left Nottinham in direction Derby, sometimes the cycle path went along the river Trent.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

And rain again :)

I'm really glad of having good rainclothes, as the jet stream flows in the south this year, England got a lot of rain.
On my way in the direction of Kings Lynn I took a look at the beachhuts in Wells On The Coast, and the cliffs of Hunstanton. I slept on a camp site in Sandringham, nearby lives the Queen, where Jean and Manfred from Nottingham invited me for breakfast. Thanks for that!

Rain, rain, and even more rain

After my stay at Poppyland I went in direction of the north coast of East Anglia. The landscape reminds a lot of some parts of Denmark. Along the coast samphire, the "asparagus of the poor men", is sold, I know it from Italy, but it's not known in Germany.
All the houses along the coast are built of flintstones.
I reached Morston and the very sweet and familiar camp site of Ned Hamond, also the cheapest one on my tour. Ned Hamond is creating some woodwork, copparwork, chandeliers and other things. His works and the works of other artists of the Norfolk area can be viewed on this link.


What luck, I had a sunny day for visiting Cromer. The beach is wide and long, the boats of the fishermen are lying on the beach, right behind the tractors which pulls the boats out from the sea. I really got fond of the tractors :)


Hello there my friends! Have been away for a long time, it is really difficult to find a place where I can use a computer. But I have arrived at Nottingham now, so I have the opportunity to use a computer of a very dear friend, Thanks for that :)
What have I been up to? Leaving Acle I was heading towards Cromer.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lucky to be dry

My dear friends, I've reached Acle where I'm glad about to meet Jackie Clover. Eighten months ago did she open Clover's Traditional Tearoom in The Street. She serves tea, off course, scones, cakes, and lunch. Everything is homemade and tastes very good.

And lot of thanks to her as she lend me her computer :)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Still alive in Dovercourt

Solved the first day in England, the weather is as it should be, cloudy with raindrops now and then. I found a camping near the sea where one is close to this bathhouses, there are hundreds! 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

My bike tour in England

This is probably where I´m going with my bike. I have 10 weeks for it :) Only 2 nights left before leaving (Bremen - Hoek van Holland - Harwich). The rainwear is packed :)

Peter Paul And Mary - Leaving On A Jet Plane