Monday, 27 August 2012


The walls besides of the street are often full of flowers, and made in a beautiful way, it's a joy to cycle along them :)


You may think I'm making fun with you, but I don't. Catching crabs is serious business in England, a pastime I've never seen in any other country I've been. I tried to look up the german word for crabbing but, there ain't even a translation for it :)
What you need is a bait bag or a ringnet, the bait itself and a bucket for your crabs. In former times the people walked along the shore looking under the stones for the crabs. Or they used bread or a piece of makerel as bait, but even the crabs has become gourmets. Nowadays the mostly used bait is - no wonder, we are in England - bacon. And as I learned yesterday, the trickiest bait is bacon with a drop of fishsauce. I saw the results, five crabs in one net, incredible!
So, go to your next harbour, take you some time and do some crabbing, you will for sure have a lot of fun for the next hours. But, one thing, don't eat them, just throw them into the water again after your bucket has gone full. Then you'll be able to catch the same crabs the next day again :)


The next day started with bright sunshine. My neighbours Matt and Jo invited me to tea, a toasted croissant and a nice chat in the morning. Thank you for that! So as it was time for packing, my tent was dry, the first time since days :) The tour for the day was short, after only roundabout 12 miles I arrived at Looe, which you can watch on this webcam.

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Yes, I did it! At least I reached Fowey, the town I already "knew" from this webcam. But I didn't even now, how sweet the town is. Yesterday the weather looked to work out fine, but today it's raining hard since 5 hours :)

Camel Trail, Luxulyan Valley, and Charlestown

I'm back, my friends, it's a rainy day in Fowey. But I found Pinky Murphys Cafe with good food and a computer :) A good opportunity to give you a short review about what happend lately.
On wednesday I left Padstow and the Atlantic Ocean. I took the Camel Trail which turned out to be a highway for all cyclists taking their holidy on the coast. After Wadebridge there was less traffic up to Bodmin where the trail ended.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


After three days of sickness, I tried to go on tour again. It worked. So after 20 miles I reached Rock from where I took the ferry to Padstow. You can watch the harbour of Padstow here.


After having survived that storm I wanted to take a watch onto the castle in Tintagel which is connected to the myths of King Arthur. I stayed there longer then I had thought of as I got "the runs" - as the englishman would say. Hello there John, now I know how it is :) 


After having been in Bude for some days I decided to go further in direction Tintagel. I was following the national cycle route number 3 and reached Boscastle. Miles for miles downhill into the valley, and some fish and chips in the first restaurant. Guess what? It's raining again! :)
Warm and with a full stomach down to the harbour. I don't believe my eyes, I have seen that place before, on this webcam :)



At least the sea! In Bude wind, water, sand, boats, fishing, and tourists.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Tarka Trail

After having been in Exmoor, I went on in direction Barnstaple, where I found The Tarka Trail. It's a path for wanderers and cyclists and is built where the former railway was. I had sun and my way was flat, sooo happy about that :)

"Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein

For Wefra :)

Look here Wefra, you would be happy to see all this VW-Campers on the road :) So, here are some for you! I talked to some of the owners, they really love their wedubbelwe's :)


Been there, done that. It was hard, really hard. I have been pushing a lot, and I must say, I'm not very fond of it, especially when it rains :)
My tour brought me from Minehead to Porlock and from there to the twintowns Lynmouth and Lynton.

A trip with the steam train

After Glastonbury I wanted to get back to the sea, so I went over Bridgwater to Williton from where I took the steam train to Minehead.

The best friend of an Englishman :)

Never in my life I have seen so many DOGS :) Mostly everyone got one! Here are some of those nice guys. At first there is Billy, the poor one is a rescue dog, and lame, so he has a little waggon carrying his backbones. Nevertheless, a really friendly guy :)

The Monkees - Gonna Buy Me A Dog


Ansgard had told me about The Goddess Festival in Glastonbury, so I went the 6 miles to Glastonbury, found a site close to town and pitched up my tent. I was just ready as Thor and the other gods opend the sky, there was big thunder and lightning, a lot of rain, but later on he went away, and the full moon was to be seen :) Next day was sunny, so I went into town.


The day was rainy and cold, I was tired from the evening before, so I was glad about to roll down from the Mendip Hills right into The Vicars Close in Wells. The sun came out, so I made some pics before I went to the camp site.

What's up?

I'm so happy having reached Noteworthy Caravan & Campsite, the very friendly owners gave me their laptop, went on a party and let me use their internet! And I won't forget to mention that this place is one of the cheaper ones. So I'm very glad about having the opportunity to tell you, where I've been :)

As you maybe remember, I was visiting a friend of mine in Frome. She gave me the recommendation to go over the Mendipp Hills in direction coast. before I left, we listened to some music, she made me some sandwiches and gave me some dear hugs so I was well prepared for my journey :)

For my german friends:
Gil Scott-Heron - Me And The Devil